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Louria is a land of deep forests, cold mountains and vast golden prairie-lands that stretch along the Pilor peninsula from the Western Wall on the Golden Sea, to the Eastern Wall at the border of the Anareim desert. Its southern border was the Sea of Snakes, while its northern border was the ancient lands of fallen Malath, right up to the Teranon mountains, though these were mostly wild and uninhabited.

Long ago, Malath was Louria’s northern neighbour. Perpetually at war, Louria only prevailed when Malath fell to a supernatural doom and the country was wiped clean of civilization. Even now those lands are considered cursed, and few will settle there.

Some two hundreds years after Malath’s fall, Louria itself succumbed. Its capital city, Ayren on the Western Wall, was destroyed when great waves rolled in from the Golden Ocean, destroying the coastal lands of the west. Now, all that remains of those lands are scattered islands and the occasional fluted fragment of the Western Wall.

The royal family of Louria perished in that disaster, and with them perished any hope of peace in the lands. In the hundred years since their deaths, Louria has fragmented into a half dozen Kingdoms, and dozens of baronies and principalities. The greatest of these kingdoms are Kashan, Anhalt, and La Seca.

Now, after many years, the harbour of Marinburgh once again hosts trade from the Isles of Khem, while caravans ply the Anareim to trade the goods of distant empires with Azaleum. This mix of people, and politics, threatens to upset the tightening grip of the orthodox Church of the Sisters. Perhaps new life will be breathed into these lands, and a new renaissance will be born, or does the horizon only burn with the flames of war?

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  • Khemren (Human)
  • Ashivir
  • Hamren
  • Fomir


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