The Cobalt Path

The Cobalt Path is an astronomical text written by an Adka astronomer who went by the name Halamu. It is a large text, and considered to be one of the more important works in Adka scientific circles.

What sets it apart as something of a novelty, are passages where Halamu descended into somewhat madness-inspired prose. These passages number only a handful and are scattered through-out a text that is otherwise entirely dry and mundane.

These passages, if taken together, describe a vision of Ajdalah during the creation of the world. The vision seems to indicate her fear that the childen of Aien will one day harm the world, in some manner. The passages speak of Ajdalah’s fear that these children will become so numerous that they will “Bring down the sky.”

In Adka oracular circles, it is commonly held that these people are the Feyr.

The Cobalt Path

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