Mental Stability (WIL WIL AUR)

An indicator of how well the character resists the horrors of the world, whether caused by their own hands or another’s. Precipitous drops in Mental Stability always have consequences. Characters with less than 6, or more than 18, are unplayable monsters.

Mental Stability adjusts through gameplay, by the luck of the dice, in rare situations.

Risk Aversion

A measure of the character’s ability to balance risk versus reward. Well adjusted citizens are somewhere between +1 and +5. Criminal scum, con-men, and Romeo are somewhere between 0 and -4. Adventurers retire when RA drifts above +2. Characters cannot survive long when below -6, or above +6.

Risk Aversion slowly adjusts through gameplay, depending on the character’s choices.

Player Characters start at -2


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Social Combat

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