The Hundred People

The Firbog are made up of many people of quite varied and distinct appearance. To the other races, the Firbog seem to be a multitude of separate races but they are, in fact, one. Although they number the dwarven and human peoples amongst them, the Firbog are most commonly referred to as the Giants for it is written that the colossal Dhamrem were the first to be shaped by Ajdallah and it is from the Dhamrem that she shaped the others.

The Adka were the second race of giants. Adka are born to Dhamrem, but only very rarely. Though these blue skinned giants are slightly shorter and certainly weaker than their parents, they are incredibly clever in the ways of machines. It is the Adka who built the copper city of Kalengaduhn, at the direction of Ajdallah.

The Khemren were the third race of giants, though they stood no taller than the Ashivir people. These people were shaped as gifted merchants, and diplomates, fearing neither the seas nor forests of the land. The Khemren spread quickly along the west coasts, and were soonto become the chosen of Safaya, the White Lady. It is the Khemren that most think of when they say ‘humanity’.

The fourth and fifth races of giants were born together, and tend to view themselves as one indistinguishable people despite their great differences. These are the Fomir, the fire blooded, and they founded the city of Thuluneduhn within the volcano Ajdallah’s Heart.

The sixth race of giants is the smallest of all. The Hamrem, or dwarves, were created by Ajdallah to seek through the veins of the earth and discover the raw materials needed to construct both Kalengaduhn and Thuluneduhn. They are stout, and strong, building vast halls beneath the earth as they seek precious metals and gems for their lady.

As the Firbog are all one people, they are able to interbreed, save for the Adka who are universally sterile. However, in all cases, it is the race of mother which breeds true.


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