First Children of Ajdallah

The Dhamrem were the first giants to walk the world. Their songs, passed from parent to child, tell of a time when Ajdallah sculpted the first giants from beach sand and mountain granite. They tell of how she plucked stars for their eyes, and spun their hair from the forest trees.

The Dhamrem are the strongest of the Firbog, thinking nothing of pushing aside weights that a dozen Khamrem would struggle to move. They are heartier than their shorter breathren, rarely becoming ill or tired.


The Dhamrem are the source of the word ‘giant’, growing taller and stronger as they age. A young-adult is likely to reach fifteen feet in height, while an elder easily surpasses twenty. Their skin ranges in tones from light to dark; copper and ebony are not uncommon. Their eyes, like the Khemrem may be any number of browns, hazel, blue, green and black. Similarly their hair is quite varied.

Skin, eye and hair tones are passed down from the parents.


[strongly matriarchal]



The Dhamrem language is very difficult for most smaller folk, largely owing to the low tones that their large voice-boxes generate. To outside ears, the speach of the Dhamrem is a deeply melodic song-like language that is close to liturgical chanting.

Others are capable of speaking the language, though to a Dhamrem they all sound like newborns owing to the relative high pitch of their voices. This is likely the source of the epithet ‘Child’ that the Dhamrem use when speaking to outsiders.

Ruling Council

Family Structure

The Dhamrem have a varied family structure. It is extremely rare for the First Children to form pair bonds, instead forming triads or more complicated networks between adults. Offspring are raised communally by the family, with the child’s mother being the only individual parent of note.

Dhamrem are sexually diverse, but child rearing is considered a cultural imperative — As such, single-gender family units tend to seek out other family units in order for children to be borne.

Lifespan and Maturation

Important Dhamrem


The Dhamrem have had little cause for large scale violence in their extended history. Until the appearance of the Dwerro, the Dhamrem saw no need for any organized military structure what-so-ever. The only comparable historical role was that of the Troll Hunters, who travelled the mountain lands of the Firbog in order to protect far flung homesteads from Troll predation.

Shortly after the appearance of the second Dwerro Hive, Ajdallah‘s Avatar appeared in the city of Kalengaduhn. She rose from the city’s central square, in her guise as the Brass Serpent, and commanded the Firbog to learn the arts of warfare, and to muster an army to defend the Copper City. That same eve she appeared in the Heart of the Furnace, in Thuluneduhn, and made a similar proclamation to the Fomir.

The Dhamrem responded to her commandment by organizing the Troll Hunters into units, and formalized a school of warfare to pass on their secrets. These became the feared Danzkrig — berzerkers who charge across the battle field, wielding massive iron-shod cudgels the size of four men.


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