Situated in the middle of the southern coast, along the Sea of Snakes and just to the east of the Pilor peninsula is the great Anareim desert. These were once the lands of the Vishani, and the great Golden Empire, but now are empty lands of burning rock and choking dust.

When the Golden Empire stretched from the sea of snakes to the city of Xeohuaca, the Anareim was a jungled land of simmering swamps. Here the Vissarun lived in templed cities, and built a mighty empire of magic and science. This all ended when a cataclysm drove the water from these lands, and burnt the trees to ash. Some say that Ajdallah herself set foot upon the land, and let her heart furnace sear the lands. Whatever the case, the Golden Empire died that night, and with its death the Anareim was born.

Millenia later, many societies have left their stamp upon the lands. Delicately buttressed ruins of the Eladeral empire mix with the squat ziggurates of the Golden Empire. Sites long since looted, and sites long lost to memory all spread out through these inhospital lands.

In the heart of the Anareim rises the city of Srinivaer, the Vaeranoi’s towered home. Once it stood upon an island in a lake, however that lake boiled away during the cataclysm, leaving Srinivaer upon a great pillar of rock amidst a twisting maze of broken canyons.

In the south of the Anareim, along the shore of the Sea of Snakes, stands a’Dis the city of fortune. Once a Vissarun provincial capital, it has long since been taken over by humans and now stands for all that is immoral in society.


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