The Sapphire Crowned

One in a hundred births, amongst the Dhamrem, are born Adka — blue skinned, white haired giants. These Firbog are always shorter, and weaker, than their parents but with a mechanical aptitude gifted to them by Ajdallah herself.


Adka range in height from eight to twelve feet, and are of a lean build. From the perspective of the Ashivir or Khemren they are strong but in comparison to the Dhamrem they nothing but weak children. Adka skin tone ranges in hue from the lightest dawn, to deepest midnight blues and everything in between. Their eyes are purple in tone, and their hair always white.

These people are universally fidgety, and can almost always be found playing with small objects if they are not actively working on a project.



Family Structure

Adka have no biological family structure. At birth, a Dhamrem mother will discard her child in the hands of a mature Adka. From that point forward the Adka community becomes the child’s parent.

Unlike the Dhamrem, the Adka tend to pair bond with only a tiny fraction of their people entering into more complicated relationship patterns. However, since all of the Sapphire Crowned are infertile, there are never any births from these unions. The Adka, amongst the Firbog, are probably the most race-blind and enter into bonds with Khemren, Fomir and Hamrem only slightly less than they would another Adka. It is exceptionally rare for an Adka and Dhamrem to bond, as Dhamrem society considers such interactions taboo.

Lifespan and Maturation

Adka live longer than their parents, with ages reaching into the middle of their second century being not uncommon. As such, it isn’t uncommon to find Adka and Ashivir becoming fast friends.


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