Egg of Ice

Xeohuaca was the third great city of Vishani, the first race to walk the lands. In the ancient stories, it is said that the city was built by the hand of Maraucu, the avatar of the shadow lurker. Long before any of the Vishani had travelled to the city, it had streets of gleaming marble, walls of granite and great palaces to house thousands.

A thousand years before any other race were but tent-dwellers in the wilderness, Xeohuaca became the center of the Golden Empire. Built among the highland marshes of the Dragon’s Back Pass, it commanded the virtual center of the continent, and the only safe pass between the north and south.

It was here that Maraucu taught the Vishani people the art of Sigils so that they may survive in the colder realms of the world — the cold blooded Vishani would not live long in alpine conditions and would bear no children. But with these sigils they could transform their city into a tropical bastion amidst the freezing winters.

But Xeohuaca was doomed from its birth, for it was built atop the sleeping form of Safaya, She Who Was Pure. After three thousand years of wealth and prosperity, a diety was born beneath its streets. In her ascendance to Godhood, Safaya consumed the magic that powered the city’s sigils, dropping the streets into a snowy hell.

The Vishani could not survive the night, and tens of thousands died in those dark hours, plunging Maraucu into slumber and the shadow lurker into millennia of quiescence.

Now, Xeohuaca is but ruins that scatter through the entire Dragon’s Back Pass. Travelling the North-South road, here, is to travel the once grand main thorough-fare of Xeohuaca with its crumbling palaces on either side. Millennia later, the work of Maraucu still stands.

Most of the city has been plundered in the intervening centuries, but there are still areas where the spirit world is dangerously close and travellers are said to simply vanish in the night: swallowed by the angry ghosts of the Vishani empire.


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