Safaya, Daughter of the Sun
Safaya, Honour’s Staff
Safaya, The Merciful
Safaya, The Chaste
Safaya, Duty’s Champion

Safaya is one of the primary dieties in Louria, alongside her sisters Ajdallah and Chaladni. She is the bringer of light to dark places, and the healer of the sick. With Ajdallah, Safaya is one arm of the Law: the compassionate judge. She is the goddess of Honour and Duty. She is revered by nobility and peasant alike, she is the patron of Knights and the wrongfully accused. When enraged, she is the goddess of anger, the one who shatters hearts.

Safaya has never acted through an Avatar: when she works upon the world, she herself appears accompanied by her flights of angels.

Her most common form is that of a tall woman, armored in silver filligree and gold. Her bare feet never touch the ground, as she is held aloft by six softly beating wings formed of clouds and mist. Her hair is sunlight, and her eyes are stars. She glows with a light that only her faithful can look into.

With a touch, she can turn the strongest warlord into pacifist, or heal any wound. Her hammer can break any fortifaction, and her armor turns aside any blow. In her presence, lies cannot be uttered and those who break their vows are burnt to ash.

Safaya is incapable of deception. She is betrothed to Aien, the God of Lust.


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