1 BoH

The Vishani mark time with the Book of Hands. It is an ancient calendar which predicted the movement of the moons and sun, and all of the eclipses well before the Khemren first set upon the sea. It could say when crops would be poor, and hunting would be fruitful. And it knew when it would come to an end.

1 SR (52201 BoH)

Shadra’s Age, or the Age of Law begins

The calendar of Shadra’s Reckoning begins when Shadra broke the wheel, and chained the sun and moons. The Vishani Book of Hands can no longer be trusted, for days do not follow as they did before.

1 L (1609 SR)

King Larai founds the Empire of Louria, and starts the new Laran calendar with his dynasty.

1280 L

Louria falls to earthquakes, tidal waves, and fear.

1330 L

The Red Duke of Marinburgh dies

1331 L

It is announced that Countess Dashelle, the widow of the Red Duke, is with child.


A Rising Tide proemial