A phase is a brief moment of action, an opportune moment in the maelstrom of blades and shields. There are 12 to a turn, each being a few seconds in length.

Active Phases

A phase in which a character may act. These are dependent on speed scores, and encumbrance. During a phase, a character may do one thing: move some short distance, stab an enemy, preparing a block or call out words of power to bring fire from the sky.

A character can always shift one hex, in addition to a non-move action. This shift counts against their total move (see below).

A character can dodge once per turn, by consuming one of their upcoming Active Phases. If they have no active phases left, they cannot dodge.

A character can block as many times as they have remaining phases. Everyone gets one free block, but subsequent consume a pending Active Phase.

A character may shift an Active Phase to be exactly 2 phases later than normal, if they feel there is a tactical advantage in doing so. Without supernatural aid, or masterful training, a character cannot have more than 2 actions in the same phase.

Actions within the same Phase are resolved in decreasing order of AGL

Combat Movement

The Effective Move stat specifies how many hexes a character may move in a full turn. These may be spread through their Active Phases. The maximum move per Active Phase is Effective Move / Active Phase(Remainders may be spent in which ever phase the player wishes).

For instance. Assume Jonathan the Butcher has an Effective Move of 14 (very swift feet indeed), and active phases of 4,6 & 10. Each phase, Jonathan can move up to 4 hexes, and will have 2 hexes left over. Jonathan could choose to move 6,4,4 or 5,4,5 or some other combination as the situation dictated.

Moving through an opponent’s attack range is a good way to get turned into a pincushion.


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