The Dead-eyed Queen of the Sea

Chaladni of the Golden Hair
Chaladni, Mother of Sirens
Chaladni, Wife of Sailors
Chaladni, The Kiss of the Storm
Chaladni, The Leviathan
Chaladni, The Sea Hag

In the stories of Louria, Chaladni looms large. She stands alongside Ajdallah and Safaya in their myths of creation and destruction. The three sisters: one of metal, one of sunlight, and one of bone. Chaladni is the mother of darkness, and storming oceans. She is the patron of slavers, and the corrupt. When harm is wished upon another, it is to Chaladni that prayers are sent.

Chaladni is the goddess who drags sailors into the depths. It is Chaladni whose armies are made of dead soldiers. She is the force which dashes ships against the rocks. She who lures children off the pier, and into her icy arms.

It is also Chaladni who leads the lucky to treasures lost. It is Chaladni who heaps reward upon those who amuse her, or serve her. It is Chaladni whose anger can be turned aside by the sight of young men. And it is Chaladni who slaughters her own servants with little care or thought.

She is chaos, and terror in the night.


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