Ajdallah, the Brass Maiden
Ajdallah, The Absolute
Ajdallah, Arbiter of Law
Ajdallah, Wife of Chaos

Ajdallah is one of the three primary dieties in the lands of Louria, alongside her sisters Safaya, and Chaladni. She is the goddess of knowledge and artifice. Inventors, farmers and crafters revere her as their patron. When enraged, she is the goddess of fire, and smoke. Together with Safaya she is one arm of the Law: the absolute arbiter, the executioner.

She is depicted as a bronze, clockwork woman with eight arms. In four of her arms she holds a sacred artifact that symbolizes part of her dominion: the sword of justice, the hammer of truth, the tree of knowledge, and the scroll of insight. Her other four arms point to the cardinal directions, symbolizing her mastery of the physical world.

In older depictions, she is seen seated on a blue glass throne said to be crafted from the vault of the sky. The throne is always shown atop a vast obsidian pillar. In modern works, she is winged with the sun to her left and the moon to her right.

She is said to have created the races of giants, and men. Unsatisfied with her creation, she flung the first men from her forge cathedral where they were found and adopted by Safaya.

Ajdallah is incapable of mercy, nor compassion.


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