A Rising Tide

Town Criers Update 2015-01-11

The Criers Guild, High Sung Notes of Red Glory, has been spreading the joyous news of the birth of the Red Duchess. Her mother, the Countessa Dashelle is reported in good health and will soon take on the role of Regent of the Duchess as per the laws and customs of this fair realm. Father Isadore, of the Silent Order, has stepped down from his position of Regent for the Realm though he remains a close advisor to the Countessa.

The City is ecstatic with the news, and the ladies of the Mosaic of Summer promise a week of festivities. The Treasury has opened its coffers, subsidizing every tavern, both low and high, while the crafts guilds have all released their workers for the festivities. Expect little in the way of official commerce, or tradeflow during this time.

Breaking with tradition, the Countessa has asked that royal gifts be stayed. She wishes all to know that she recognizes the hardships of this past year and would prefer that those who wish to honour the Red Duchess do so at the temples with prayer and quiet donations. The Crier’s Guild hints that the nobility are furious at this lost opportunity to outshine each other, while the guilds have given a collective sigh of relief at the savings.

The Crier’s Guild further notes that the Khemreni trade fleet arrived in harbour at the moment of the Red Duchess’ birth. Portentious, or merely chance? Few will fail to notice glorious array of sails in the harbour, and beyond. The City Chancellor would like to remind the citizens that the Khemreni are our guests and are to be treated accordingly, while the Diamantine of Port Nereshim would like everyone to remember that the Khemreni are heretical apostates and we should all be careful to not let them corrupt our souls.

The Khemreni, for their part, welcome all who wish to engage in spirited commerce but would like to note that Khemreni law holds on the decks of their vessels while outside the harbour.

House Evereux, formerly of Vistonia, formerly of Auverne, has arrived in Anhalt. They have acquired the Buddenbrook estate west of Melnora from House Varnhagen. No doubt Evereux agents are now working to clear any nasty surprises left behind. The elders amongst the citizenry may remember that House Evereux is the hereditary seat of the Lourian Prince of Trees. It shall be interesting to see how this comes into play.

Rumours spreading since Evereux’s arrival indicate that the southern realm of La Seca has gone to war with sea borne foe. Little else is known at this time, but the enemy may had been making gains against Ajdallah’s chosen nation and therefore it is likely they are demonic in nature.

Finally, rumours are spreading that a new card has appeared in the Book of Pages. The Crier’s Guild would first like to remind you that use of the deck is forbidden sorcery, punishable by hanging by the Inquisition who are thankfully thinly represented in Anhalt. The guild goes on to say that the new card is titled “The Ravens” and no one is quite sure what it may represent.



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