A Rising Tide

Scribes and scrolls and all things dusty

The Blacksmith’s key is miraculous, and opens a door which leads to further mysteries. Whatever happened to Lady Thea, it appears it was unpleasant. The Con Artist worries that her friend might be in deeper trouble than they thought, and convinces him to leave town for a bit. After, of course, handing the amulet to her.

Amulet in hand, the party wonders what to do? Can they give it as a gift to the nobility and hope that the high and mighty will resolve everything for them? Sometimes passing the buck is harder than it looks.

The Con Artist visits the city’s archives, and hires a scribe to gather information from old tomes and dusty scrolls. Perhaps something in history might point to what this amulet is about? Information is costly, however, and there is concern that they may not be able to pay for it.

Meanwhile something seems terribly wrong with the Historian.

Events continue to march forward, and the party is ever caught in its wake.



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