A Rising Tide

Of Stone Tablets and Burning Bushes

The party has grown desperate, trying to discover the secret of Mary’s Ford.

The Blacksmith, the Scholar, and the Con Artist recruit a few townsfolk to help them dig further into the ruins in the swamp. Here they discover a tablet of stone, glowing strangely, buried beneath the fallen ruins. The Scholar is forced to wear the cursed ring once more, but shares little of his insights once he recovers.

The Merchant remains steadfastly at camp, attempting to ignore the goings on and pretending that all is normal.

The Blacksmith, and the Con Artist take the cursed ring, and the tablet, into the Cob Hill and succeed in unleashing a terrible energy that knocks them like rag dolls and shakes the earth.

Upon awakening, they find the village abandoned. The fields sprout with weeds and long grasses. No one has been here in some time. The Merchant’s cousin, a caravan master, has lucked to stumbled upon them, and promises to return them to the safety of Marinburgh.

The mysteries of Mary’s Ford remain undiscovered.



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