A Rising Tide

Dangly bits and other horrors

Following the discoveries beneath Cob Hill, the party regrouped outside. The Merchant decided he wanted to go home. The others were adamant to stay, particularly the Con Artist at least to continue her charade a little longer. Eventually they resolved to stay for a day or two more.

The Con Artist and the Blacksmith decided to go visit the witch, Dania. Wisely, the Merchant and the Historian stayed behind at camp. The Historian caught some mice for lunch, then naps. A nap filled with nightmares.

The witch turned out to be surprisingly reasonable. She fed the two cake. She fed them bacon & potato soup. She told them some history, pointed out some other local ruins, and may have accidentally implicated Father Matthew in the deaths of the children.

The Con Artist and the Blacksmith went to investigate the ruins, but resolved little. The Merchant became worried, and headed off to find them. They met on the road, and cake was shared.

Later that evening a man was found running naked and raving through the village. He was concussed by the Merchant and may never awaken. The party recognized him as one the Merchant’s guards, sent off to find supplies. This was concerning, for where were the others?

The Historian awoke, and performed surgery on the guard. From the incision, ravens flew free. Eyeless ravens, with too many wings and beaks. They escaped into the sky, despite the Blacksmith’s best attempts.



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