A Rising Tide

Birds of Feather

Something was clearly not right in this village, and the team was suspicious.

Struggling to piece the clues together, they gathered at the site of Cob Hill to investigate. Here they found that the landslide had revealed a passageway inside the mound. Opening into a large buried temple of some sort, they poked around amidst the detritus of a long gone era.

The historian put on a found ring and immediately collapsed, though a door opened at the same time. The party investigated deeper, carrying their unconscious comrade with them. The historian dreamt dreams of eyeless ravens, torment and torture. His friends found an abandoned, looted crypt, and evidence that they were not the only recent visitors.

A secret door was found. The Historian struggled against the Bride. The others descended further, to find a hall of frescoes and odd glowing corals growing from the walls. Coral which burnt flesh and drank the blood of those who stumbled into them. The party smashed a lot of coral.

The Historian awoke when the party found a room of glowing crystal imprisoning an old man. They found touching the crystal to be quite unpleasant.



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