A Rising Tide

Adventure Log

A summary, with extras

Next Session: Feb 2nd 2013


Boots hit the pier and for the first time in months she was thankful. If she never set out on the waves again, it would be too soon. Her first words on land a prayer to Safayah for shielding her, and another to Chaladni for not calling her to the night queen’s watery depths. The dockhands paid her no mind as they continued unloading the ship.

Long in the north, amongst the Isles of Khem, now she had come South. Her adventures were taxing, and hope sprung for an interlude from the excitement. The city of Marinburgh sprawled out, and yet she was struck by how tiny it was in comparison to the metropolises of the north. The Towered Isle of Heth-mari made this place seem like a village of hovels. To be fair, Heth-mari was founded centuries before Marinburgh and had never been sacked. Quite unlike this land of war.

The harbour was small with space for few vessels. Most remained at anchor in shelter of the sea wall, while only a dozen were at the docks. With cliffs rising to one side, and unworkable swamp to the other, there was little space to expand the harbour.

This reverie was cut short by a metallic ping, and with it all hope for relaxation. Her compass was alive again now that she was back on land and it had found something. A construct purchased from the caretakers of the Agkani observatory in Thulunedun, it ferreted out otherwordly emanations. It had been her unwavering guide, and unspeaking companion, this past decade. Unhooking it from its belt holster she frowned as the red gem studs pulsed slowly. Thehe needle tracked slowly in circles; some force was interfering.

She flicked a catch on her sword’s hilt, unspooling some charge from the aether spindle into a dock rat. The smell of ozone, and cooked meat satisfied that everything was in order.

With that, the stranger set out into the city to hunt.

Episode 3

In today’s episode, the Canstatter festival arrived bringing with it revelry, music and merchants from across the land. A drunken bar fight was avoided, the freakshow was avoided, and the wrestling ring was avoided. Alonso’s grandmother received a cryptic letter. Alonso received a curious gift. Zeke received an ultimatum, while Brazen and Ashen discussed some papers.

Summary of Episodes 1 and 2

Last time we heard from our stalewart adventurers: A woman was robbed of her odd amulet, and was grateful when the PCs stepped in to return it to her. Oddly, she refused their further aid and retreats to her apartment at the Ivory Swan. Later, Alonso hears that there are brigands striking the Gold River guild’s barges. He writes a letter of condolence, but later learns that the brigands are striking other groups as well. There was a curious run-in with a street person, and then Zeke was given a strange gift by a passing acquaintance.



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