A Rising Tide

A Village of Fears

Having not consulted maps, the wayward party travels unprepared to the village of Mary’s Ford. Surviving on potatoes, and foraged mushrooms, morale falls and bitter arguments ensue. But the trial lasts only three days, and afternoon sunlight washes away anger as the village comes into view over the crest of a hill.

But not all is tranquil here. The deeply religious locals have found a savior in the Con Artist, for she has been sent by Safaya. Nightmares plague the town, and children have been drowning themselves in the river. A witch, Dania, is said to be the cause.

The Historian/Survivalist, and the Merchant go out into the woods to hunt but turn up nothing but sharp words. The Merchant sends all but two of his guards east, to Handorf, to get supplies and perhaps aid.

The Blacksmith uproots a stump, while the Con Artist investigates Farmer Patrick and the mystery of Cob Hill.



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