A Rising Tide

A ring of confusion

Following the surgery on the poor guard, The Historian, Con-Artist and Blacksmith head back to the swamp to poke around the stones. The Merchant stays behind with their bodyguard, only to witness the poor guard dissolve into feathers and ash and brittle bones.

At the swamp, the Blacksmith begins an excavation showing the standing stones are really the tops of buried pillars. Much work needs to be done, more than a single man can do. On the way back they chat with the witch, Dania, who feeds them stew, and sends them on their way.

In the village, the three find their companion drunk on moonshine so they go off to find the priest. A heartfelt discussion later, the Con Artist feels like they are no further ahead. So back into Cob Hill they go. Forcing the Historian to wear the gold ring opens the secret door, but leaves the Historian in progressively worse state.

He reads the frescoes, and tells them about an ancient war behind a Queen and her consort. Where her consort rebelled, summoned demons and tore about the kingdom. She captured him, but could not bring herself to slay the madman. Instead, locking him up for all eternity in a magic prison.



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